Bathroom rug - how to choose one?

The bathroom should be functional and safe to use, while its design is also important. Today we will focus on a bathroom accessory which is underestimated by many people, i.e. on the bathroom rug. It is the rug that protects your feet from the cold when you get out of the bathtub or out of the shower, protects against slips and at the same time makes an interesting addition to the interiors.  

Go for minimalism and classic colours

Rugs are available in a wide range of colours, so the choice depends on your bathroom décor and the colour of other accessories, such as soapboxes and lighting fixtures.

According to recent trends bathrooms should be minimalistic, with various shades of grey, black, white, beige and cream, with simple forms and classic shapes. In such bathrooms, rugs in subdued, uniform colours, such as graphite, are the perfect choice. For those who want to bring more colour into their bathroom, we recommend vivid-coloured rugs, such as purple, green or blue.


What are bathroom rugs made of? 

You can buy bathroom rugs made of various materials and in a fairly wide price range. The material you choose has an impact on the comfort of using the rug and its durability. You can choose from: 

  • Rugs made of natural fibres - they are soft, pleasant to the touch, and when they get dirty you can just throw them in the washing machine. Due to humidity in the bathroom, rugs made of wool and other natural fibres are not the best choice. 

  • Synthetic fibre rugs - they are resistant to dirt and damage, as well as to mould and moisture - which is extremely important in any bathroom. In addition, they are easy to keep clean and dry quickly.

  • PVC mats - such mats are inexpensive, easy to clean and available in many designs and colours. What's more, such rugs are often sold per cm, so you can buy a mat that is 100% adjusted to your bathroom space. 

  • Cotton or terrycloth carpets are soft and pleasant to the touch. But remember that long bristles take a long time to dry, which can be problematic.

  • Bamboo rugs - they are quite hard, but they look great and are very functional. 

Regardless of the material you choose, it is important to check if the rug comes with an anti-slip mat - this is a necessity. The lack of an anti-slip layer will cause the rug to slip on the bathroom tiles, and this can cause a very painful fall.  

Bathroom rug as a stylish addition

Apart from its basic function, the rug is also an excellent addition to the bathroom. With inexpensive rugs you can change your interior design, liven it up, make it more elegant or emphasize the dominant colours in the bathroom. 

How to look after the bathroom rug?

How to look after the bathroom rug to make it look aesthetically pleasing, ensure it serves its function perfectly and serves you for a long time? First of all, it is worth reading the manufacturer's recommendations - they are usually placed on the label. Manufacturers describe how to wash their rugs and indicate the recommended temperature. 

Regardless of what material the rug is made of, you should remember to dry it regularly. A damp rug will become a source of bacteria and unpleasant smells - so after every bath it's worth hanging the rug on the laundry line, dryer or even on the edge of the bath. 


Bathroom rugs insulate against the cold, protect against falls, which is a risk when walking on the floor with wet feet, and are a very tasteful addition to your interiors. You have a choice of rugs made of different materials and in many colours. However, you should remember to make sure that the rug you choose is non-slip.