Living room rug – how to choose the right one? A GUIDE

The living room is a place where we spend time with our family or friends, relax, watch TV. Such a room should therefore be functional and cosy - so that we feel comfortable in it. Today we will focus on how to choose the perfect rug for your living room.


How to choose a rug for your living room? 

There is a very wide selection of rugs to choose from, there are models made of different materials, in many shapes, sizes and colours. How do you select the winner among so many proposals and what issues should you pay particular attention to? Here are some tips.


A rug size

A rug size depends on the living room dimensions as well as the spacing of furniture. When choosing a rug, remember that it should be at least 90 cm from the door, otherwise we may have problems with closing or opening the door leaf. Another tip - there should be at least two legs of the sofa and two legs of the chair on the rug. It is not advisable to buy a rug that is too small and only sits under the coffee table. On the other hand, if you are looking for a rug on which you are going to set up a table with chairs, choose a large rug which accommodates all pieces of furniture, including front and back legs.


Types of rug materials

Already before starting the search, it is worth considering whether you are interested in a rug made of natural or man-made fibres. Rugs made of man-made fibres, for example polypropylene, are recommended for allergy sufferers, its purchase generates  lower costs than wool or silk, moreover, they come in many different designs and colours and are easy to care for.


A rug shape

A rug shape should harmonize with the furniture shape. If round shapes prevail in your living room, for example a round coffee table or chairs with rounded edges, a round or oval rug will be the best choice. If there is a large rectangular table and a square coffee table in the living room, a rug in these shapes is recommended.


Colour and motifs

The colour and motif of the rug depends on the living room colouring and your individual preferences. Using a rug we can highlight the dominant colour in the living room or, conversely break it. In a living room where greyness dominates, both a grey rug and a vivid colour rug, such as blue, will work.



A well-chosen rug will really highlight your living room. When choosing the right model, you should take into account such issues as a living room area, a spacing and shape of furniture, and a colouring of other accessories. 


Good luck!