Sisal (cord) rugs - characteristics and applications

A tasteful rug is a perfect addition to interiors decorated in different styles and emphasizes the character of the room. Among many models available on the market, rugs made of sisal, i.e. hard fibre obtained from Agave sisalana, are becoming increasingly popular. What should you know about these rugs and what is the reason for their popularity? Read below to find out.


Advantages of sisal rugs

Sisal rugs offer many advantages, among the most important ones we should mention:

  • resistance to various types of damage
  • durability - a sisal carpet will certainly serve you a long time
  • anti-static properties - these carpets are ideal for rooms with electrical appliances
  • carpets made of natural sisal fibre are a good solution for allergy sufferers
  • trouble-free cleaning - regular vacuuming is sufficient
  • good sisal carpets come with certificates confirming that the carpet does not contain harmful substances and is completely safe to use - also for children and pets
  • attractive prices

It is also worth noting that sisal carpets are available in many designs and colours. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a smooth rug or a rug with an interesting pattern, for example, with a New York theme, Moroccan clover, geometric figures, abstract oasis and others. Sisal rugs are also available in many sizes, so you can match the rug not only to the décor but also to the size of the room.

Use of cord rugs

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Sisal rugs look great and provide thermal and noise insulation. The numerous advantages of these carpets make them suitable for many applications. Where are sisal rugs especially recommended?

  • in the kitchen and in the bathroom
  • in the living room, bedroom, corridor or hallway
  • in the children’s room
  • on the balcony and on the terrace
  • in places with heavy traffic, such as offices, businesses and shops.

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Such rugs are perfect for rooms furnished in the eco, rustic, vintage and modern style. Important! A sisal carpet may slip a little, so it is worth putting an anti-slip mat underneath it, making it 100% safe to use so you can be sure no one will slip on it. Another tip - do not expose the carpet to excessive sunlight.

Daily maintenance

What does daily maintenance of sisal rugs look like? Such carpets do not require any special care. Regular vacuuming alone will protect the carpet from dust and other dirt.

What if there are stains on the carpet? All you need is grey soap or a mild cleaning detergent, a little water and a cloth. Such a kit is enough to get rid of stains and more stubborn dirt. If stains won’t fade, you should consult a specialist who will propose an optimal and safe solution for the carpet. In the case of cord carpets, some fibres may become loose over time, but do not panic. All you have to do is to get scissors and pull the loose fibre.

Summary (is it worth buying a sisal rug?)

Is it worth buying a sisal rug? Of course! Sisal rugs offer many advantages and come in beautiful, earthy tones, are resistant to mechanical damage and easy to keep clean. Moreover, such carpets are not very expensive, despite their numerous advantages.