TOP 10 - Best kids rugs ideas

Colourful, soft rugs are becoming more and more popular in children's rooms - they are an interesting addition, but also protect toddler's feet against cold. Depending on your preferences, you can buy rugs in a wide range of colours, in different sizes and with many prints. What are the most popular models? Enjoy reading!

The most popular children's rugs

What are the most popular prints and designs among toddlers? Models to be mentioned here are:

  1. Activity play mat ‒ combining learning with play is an excellent way to encourage your toddler to learn new things. There are rugs models of rugs available that will be very helpful while learning numbers, letters, shapes or colours.
  2. Space theme design ‒  a universe, rockets, astronauts, stars and a galaxy always evoke a lot of emotions among the youngest. A rug with a space theme will surely be the perfect play mat.
  3. Happy neighbourhood ‒ colourful houses, streets, shops, trees and plants will surely be an inspiration for many plays. A rug with a happy estate design will work in both the girl's and boy's room. 
  4. Road map design ‒ a road, bridges, road junctions, traffic lights are ideal for kids who like to play with cars.
  5. Animal print rug ‒ a rug with animal print, for example, with nice sheep, cows, teddy bears, bunnies or owls will surely bring a unique atmosphere into the kids' room. Such a rug can be also helpful when a child learns animals names. 
  6. Rugs with stars ‒ both big and small stars will make your toddler's room even more cosy.
  7. Rugs with means of transport ‒ helicopters, cars, buses, pirate ships, planes will be not only an inspiration for many plays, but also make your child learn about different types of vehicles
  8. A rug with interesting places – a lighthouse, treasure island and other fascinating places for your toddler are another of the very popular designs appearing on rugs.
  9. A rug with geometric shapes ‒ a rug with circles, rhombuses, triangles or squares will not only be a nice decoration, but will also help your child to learn different shapes.
  10. Abstract patterns rugs ‒ rugs with abstract patterns will definitely impress your older children.

Why is worth buying a rug for your child's room? 

Kids' rugs have many advantages, they not only adorn the kingdom of your toddler, but also provide thermal isolation, guarantee cushioning and protect against possible falls.  It is also worth emphasizing that a rug with an interesting design or print will be a perfect play mat, it will help your toddler to develop his imagination and creativity.  Another advantage of kids' rugs is protection the floor from scratches and damages that can occur, for example when stacking blocks on the floor.


Tips for choosing a rug for kids spaces

When choosing a toddler's rug, it is worth paying attention to such issues as safety of use confirmed by a certificate, resistance to stain and various types of damages and an anti-slip latex backing. It is also important that the rug is easy to care for.


Kids' rugs play many important functions – decoration, activity play mats, cushion falls and protects your baby from the floor's cold temperature. The rugs are available in a wide range of colours and with different prints and motifs such as space, animals, geometric shapes, stars, road or colourful neighborhood designs.